Thursday, October 1, 2009


The last time I put words here was Saturday, April 25, 2009 I guess it is time to update. Well the kids are doing good. Zander is in preschool now. Zaden is doing good over all in the last few months he has been to the hospital 1 time because Katie was not watching the kids. I guess Zander was swinging on a sea saw and did not see Zaden behind him and Zander ran in to Zaden. Zaden fell on the gound and his tooth went threw his lip. So I showed up at her moms and then me and Katie took Zaden to the Er at PCH. It was not a fun night. That is all that is new with the kids.

I have been not doing good I have been having a hard time with School and taking care of the kids. I have been under a lot of stress with class and the kids. As of now I have failed 2 classes and withdrew from another. Katie and I have been arguing over custody of the boys again. I have had quite a few arguments with my family over the kids and school and other things. I can't be-leave it is October already it seems like it was January just last month Time is flying. I will be at the end of this month or the binging of next month Righting a review of Windows 7 and Ubuntu both release new operating systems in October. I'm curntly downloading the ubunut 9.10 beta. I have used the beta of windows 7 so far I have not liked windows 7. I have been using ubuntu 9.10 since alpha 3 and it has worked. I have had a few quarks with my system. That is all I have for now.

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