Thursday, November 26, 2009

one more pic

Thanksgiving 2009 pics

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Zander, Zaden, and My self went to Nephi, Utah for thanksgiving I took some snap shots of the kids. The kids ate and and ran around and played they had a good time. Here is the pics.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Motorola Cliq with Moto Blur

First off I have use the features page from T-Mobile USA. All rights reserved Motorola USA. All rights reserved T-Mobile USA. I could not find what I was looking for.

I was having issue with my Blackberry Curve I decided not to replace the phone I wanted something different. I'm not saying the Blackberry is a bad device I just had my phone for a year and every year I seem to change phones.

I'm with T-Mobile I deiced to get Android phone I looked at all the phones that T-Mobile had out for Android I found they had the G1 and the My Touch at the time. I saw on T-Mobile's web sight that they had the Motorola Cliq (Moto Cliq). I soon found out that it was only 3 day before T-Mobile would have the phone out. I called T-Mobile and asked a few questions about the G1, My Touch, and the Moto Cliq. The guy tried to sell me on the My Touch. I waited tell the Moto Cliq came out to see what it was like. I had been Googleing the Moto Cliq I found pages that showed reviews. The launch day came and went I had not played with one had it in my hands. I did not have the money or the time to go look at it.

One day I found my self next to a T-Mobile store and I had time to waste. I when in and started looking at the phones I got to to Moto Cliq I saw they had a box that would show you how to use the Moto Cliq it was everything I had seen on T-Mobiles sight. I played with the phone. I did not fall in love with it right off I was not sure about the phone. I keep reeding reviews and looking at the T-Mobile forums and googling the phone for reviews Everything I had seen everyone seem to love the phone.

In the last 3 to 4 day I went in to T-Mobile to pay my bill and to talk to them about my Blackberry. I paid my bill and started talking about what I could do with my blackberry. I deiced to take a look at the Moto Cliq again I played with it and I deiced if I had enough money on me I would take it home and try it. I did have enough on me I changed around my plan to a unlimited plan for talk texted and web. I payed for the phone on my bill I payed $20 plus the full amount of tax for the phone. I got screen protector and a case for the phone. I took the phone home I charged and started to get use to the touch screen and the new phone. I set up my gmail account and the Moto Blur I set up my face book and my space at first because I was not sure if I was going to keep the phone. I check out the Android Market I found a few applications like I had on my blackberry I installed them and started using them. I set up my Yahoo messenger I talked to a few friend and I was texting a few friends. I went to bed that night the next morning I woke up to my usual texts. I was surprised to see a few of my friends had posted status updates and some blog post and bulletins. I thought nothing much of it I was eating lunch later that day and my phone vibrated I looked at it and I had new email in my gmail and a few texts and more status updates I deiced to comment on a status it was easy to do. I had a friend call me I talked to her for a hour and I like the way the phone sounded. I deiced to add my twitter and a few other services. I have had the phone for 3 or 4 days now and I love it the touch screen I'm still getting use to it I can make it scroll way to fast at times or I open a app up I did not mean to. The web browser on this phone is nice. I don't have any complants about this phone. Here is what information T-Mobile has on the phone. This fails to tell that the phone is running android 1.4 (cupcake) .

MOTOBLUR Stream your social networking feeds to your handset in real time, providing instant access to the latest happenings and message from your friends.

Android Market* One touch access to Android Market where you can customize and personalize your device to fit your life with a variety of software applications like games, social networking and on-the-go shopping

5 Megapixel Camera With quality worth printing, now you can really enjoy those special moments captured on your phone. You can also share them with family and friends by sending them to any e-mail address.
3G Network and Wi-Fi access High-speed 3G network connection for surfing the web or downloading information quickly and effortlessly or seamlessly transition to open Wi-Fi networks to surf the web or download information quickly

Visual Voicemail With Visual Voicemail you can listen to your voicemail messages in any order, respond in one click and easily manage your inbox without ever dialing in to the network.

Bluetooth® connectivity Wirelessly connect your phone to optional compatible hands-free accessories such as headsets and car kits.

Built-in always on Social Networking applications With Facebook®, MySpace and Twitter apps built-in the device you can update your status, view friend's pages and get real time notifications on your home screen.

Calendar Keep track of appointments and even set reminders to make sure you're on time.

Full QWERTY keyboard Familiar layout lets you type messages easily without scrolling for the letter you want.

GPS built-in* Get your real-time location on maps, driving directions, and more*

Micro SD memory slot Add more memory for multimedia files, data, and more.

Music player Play your favorite music wherever you are.

Real web browsing* Get more pages and better Web content delivered efficiently to your phone.

Picture messaging* Send pictures from your phone to others.

Slider phone Slides open to reveal the keypad, slides closed to prevent accidental dialing.

Instant messaging* Send and receive instant messages with AOL®, Yahoo!®, Windows Live Messenger®, and Google Talk®.

Touch screen Everything your phone can do is now literally at your fingertips. A high resolution touch screen gives you fast and fun access to your phone's display.

Video capture/playback Capture and play back short video clips.

Wi-Fi enabled* Connect to the Internet wirelessly.

E-mail* Send and receive messages from personal and work e-mail.

Voice-activated dialing Call someone with simple voice commands when your hands are busy.

Speaker phone Put down the phone and keep talking with a convenient speakerphone.

Text messaging* The quick, quiet way to stay connected.

Stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology Connect your phone to your computer or stereo headset without any wires.

I want to add that I'm not getting paid by T-Mobile USA or Motorola USA to talk good about the phone I just like it and I want any one who knows me to know what I think of this phone.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Well I have had time to use ubuntu 9.10 and windows 7.

Windows 7

I see this as being Windows Vista RE2 The way I see it Microsoft fixed the Vista issues and renamed it Windows 7 to get a way from the Vista name because of all the problems Windows Vista had. I did not notice any changes so as far as I can tell every thing is under the hood as far as the changes Microsoft made in windows 7.

Ubuntu 9.10

I will admit this now I'm a Linux nut.

Problems I have had with the laptop I'm running Ubuntu on.

The wireless did not work out of the box in 9.10 but in 9.04 it worked out of the box. I have been having a issues with 9.10 and when my computer goes to sleep or when I leave it and it powers down on it's own from me not using it when I come back to it and wake it I have to log back in and nothing I had open such as firefox or open office will be there. I think it is a driver issue and I have not tried going to ATI's web page and using there driver from the web sight.

9.10 comes with Ubuntu One that is the news service. This is from the Ubuntu One sight
Ubuntu One is your personal cloud. You can use it to back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users Ubuntu One gives all features and 2 GB of essential storage to everyone. If you need more space, choose 50 GB for just $10 a month.

They have also changed to Grub 2.0 in Ubuntu 9.10 I'm not sure the difference it looks cleaner to me that is all I can really say about it I have not had time to find out why they did this or why it is better.

Ubuntu 9.10 has a different look and feel for me. I don't like the log in screen showing all my users. I liked in 9.04 you had to type the user name and password. The back grounds have changed where it will change from more than one image it is cool. Ubuntu changed the software center to Ubuntu software center it has more of a GUI. I do not like this I use command line to get my apps. They added other new apps I do not use I have had 9.10 installed from alpha so I do not remember what they are and I installed 9.10 from launch day.

My final conclusion on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10. Windows 7 is easy to use I personally do not like 7 it is Vista just fixed. Ubuntu 9.10 it is easy to use if you you are a it person. I like the new look of Ubuntu 9.10.