Monday, November 23, 2009

Well I have had time to use ubuntu 9.10 and windows 7.

Windows 7

I see this as being Windows Vista RE2 The way I see it Microsoft fixed the Vista issues and renamed it Windows 7 to get a way from the Vista name because of all the problems Windows Vista had. I did not notice any changes so as far as I can tell every thing is under the hood as far as the changes Microsoft made in windows 7.

Ubuntu 9.10

I will admit this now I'm a Linux nut.

Problems I have had with the laptop I'm running Ubuntu on.

The wireless did not work out of the box in 9.10 but in 9.04 it worked out of the box. I have been having a issues with 9.10 and when my computer goes to sleep or when I leave it and it powers down on it's own from me not using it when I come back to it and wake it I have to log back in and nothing I had open such as firefox or open office will be there. I think it is a driver issue and I have not tried going to ATI's web page and using there driver from the web sight.

9.10 comes with Ubuntu One that is the news service. This is from the Ubuntu One sight
Ubuntu One is your personal cloud. You can use it to back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users Ubuntu One gives all features and 2 GB of essential storage to everyone. If you need more space, choose 50 GB for just $10 a month.

They have also changed to Grub 2.0 in Ubuntu 9.10 I'm not sure the difference it looks cleaner to me that is all I can really say about it I have not had time to find out why they did this or why it is better.

Ubuntu 9.10 has a different look and feel for me. I don't like the log in screen showing all my users. I liked in 9.04 you had to type the user name and password. The back grounds have changed where it will change from more than one image it is cool. Ubuntu changed the software center to Ubuntu software center it has more of a GUI. I do not like this I use command line to get my apps. They added other new apps I do not use I have had 9.10 installed from alpha so I do not remember what they are and I installed 9.10 from launch day.

My final conclusion on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10. Windows 7 is easy to use I personally do not like 7 it is Vista just fixed. Ubuntu 9.10 it is easy to use if you you are a it person. I like the new look of Ubuntu 9.10.

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