Monday, December 28, 2009

X-mas 2009

New computer but old

I found a new hate for older Compaq computers. I was at my Grandparents house I had to threw a way a few things that was in my car and my but from my smoke and I saw a computer in the trash. Yes this is going where you think if you know me :-) so I went back in and talked to my grandmother and she said the computer was old and slow so they threw it a way. I asked if I could take it out of the trash and take it home she said yes. I took the computer home and set it in the office.

I did some other things I did not want to fire it up after being in the cold and in my truck for 5 to 10 min the heater would have not warmed it up enough. I did not want to risk breaking the hard drive. I deiceded to start up the computer it came up just fine it was a little slow I deiced to use the Compaq system restore I had it format the Windows partition. It same up I started un-installing programs I did not need or want and installing programs I did want. After one time of rebooting I noticed the system was getting really slow I had not gone very far over the Internet. I went to Microsoft Windows update page. I decied that I was going to reinstall and this time I'm going to run for spy-ware. I reinstall and I install a anti-spy-ware program and I let it update and run it find 1 Trojan and 2 spy-ware. I clean my that all off the system I run Anti-virus it comes back with nothing I run windows update and install all the software I wanted on it and uninstalling all I did not want I added my printer web cam. The computer seems to be working ok for only having 256K of ram it is a little slow coming up but that is ok. I plan on maxing it with ram. The reason why I hate older Compaq's they com with Viruses and spyware peloaded on it.

Friday, December 4, 2009