Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year


Well 2009 went kind of slow for me. Some days went by slow as hell the night a sleep in jail was weird for me it went fast but slow at the same time. some time in 2009 i stopped going to court tell the Sept or the end of Oct I went to court 3 times and all charges where dropped on me. I'm trying to remember what happened in the 2009 I started Collage in Jan of 2009 and I have been going ever since. I will not blast the school here or even say what one we will just say after I'm done with my AOS I will be going to a different Collage for my BS. Zander and Zaden are going so much it has been fun seeing the changes with the boys. Zander started preschool in 2009 he is loving it he was mad because he did not get to go to school for 2 weeks because of Christmas break.

The boys and I are looking forward to see what happens in 2010!!! i have mad no new years resolutions this year. Since they did not happen last year I'm not going to do them this year. I will try this much to have a good year and to try to say out of jail, Court I do not want to see a court or jail for a long time years. I want to wish every one a happy new year and prosperous new year I MEAN THIS. If you want to call BS on it please feel fee too I will yell at you for calling BS. I Would like to make sure I make a point about a few people my Grandpa and grandma Holt, My mom, My Dad, Katie Ratto, Nate Ratto, My grandparents and my parents for helping me threw every thing good and bad that has happened in the last 3 years the end of my Marriage and the after math of it. The reason why i Put my X-Wife and her new husband in this list is because I wanted to make sure they knew I mean them to LOL.

May This new year bring nothing but happiness and prosperous to every one.

Curtis, Zander, Zaden Carter

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